Opening event

Lanterns, light over the city

Light is the symbol of the city of Jena and also symbolises science and technology. In keeping with the topic of light a lantern parade for people of all ages who are eager to acquire knowledge will take place in Lobeda on the evening of 24 November 2017. Accompanied by the French artists Les Poussières from Jena’s twin town
Aubervilliers, Lobeda will be aglow with lanterns made from wicker and paper and reveal itself in a completely new light. The parade will end at the new University Hospital, where the Long Night of the Sciences 2017 will open with a performance by the artists.

The artists’ association Les Poussières settled 10 years ago in an old theatre in the city centre of Aubervilliers, a suburb of Paris and twin town of Jena. They develop artistic and cultural projects, which always aim to bring people together who would otherwise never have met. With their actions they aim to change the way inhabitants look at their city and bring about a change in thinking.


Lantern workshops will also be held in advance of this special night. In cooperation with the School of Music and Art Jena (Musik- und Kunstschule Jena) school children and citizens from Lobeda have the opportunity to create their own lanterns for the parade.

For anyone else interested in making lanterns there will also be crash courses with the artists of Les Poussières from
13. - 23.11.2017 in the Stadtteilzentrum LISA (district centre).

The parade begins at 17:00.

Registration takes place via participating schools and online at


Tickes are available at the Jena Tourist-Information and online at
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