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FSU: Institut für Informatik

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Data, science, computers? The Michael Stifel Center Jena as a cross-sectional area at FSU.

The Michael Stifel Center Jena (MSCJ) promotes interdisciplinarity in data-driven and simulation-based sciences, connecting natural, social sciences and humanities with mathematics and computer science.

Traditionally, scientific progress was made exclusively based on experimentation and observation together with theoretical reasoning. Recently, the development of powerful computers has led to an extension of this traditional epistemology by two novel paradigms: data-driven science, succinctly summarized under the motif “Knowledge from data”, and simulation science, based on the principle “Data from knowledge”. The Michael Stifel Center Jena for Data-Driven and Simulation Science (MSCJ) builds upon these paradigms and combines them into a common structure. It regards the potential for connecting the two innovative areas as a highly promising topic and intends to use the synergistic effects resulting from the complementary competencies of the two paradigms in an optimal way.
The activities and structure of the Michael Stifel Center will be presented as well as some interdisciplinary projects.


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