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Glowing secret ink, Hexaflexagon and programmable robots: experimenting with WITELO

18:00 - 22:00 o'clock
witelo e.V. - wissenschaftlich-technische Lernorte in Jena
StadtLab Jena
Löbderstr. 6, 07743 Jena

Immerse yourself in the world of STEM together with the witelo team. Puzzle stations, robots, mathematical handicrafts - for visitors of all ages.

This year we are guests at StadtLab. For interested visitors young and old, we have a fine selection of our 70 or so workshop boxes, which we have been offering together with the Student Research Center for working groups, research clubs and workshops since 2014.

  • Our robots await you. With them, you can discover the limits and possibilities of computer science using a practical example. Find out what they can do and let them solve small tasks for you.
  • We also have something suitable for secret messages. Create your own secret ink that can even glow in the dark and take it home with you at the end.
  • Unravel the mystery of the hexaflexagon and learn how to assemble this mathematical tinkering.

Witelo is the network of science and technologylearning locationsin Jena with the declared aim of promoting mathematics, IT, science and technology (STEM) education through cooperation between schools, companies and extracurricular learning locations. The association operates the internet platform, where around 70 network partners present their science and technology education projects. It also runs the Jena Student Research Center and has been offering working groups and project days at Thuringian schools as well as vacation workshops for children and young people in collaboration with the network partners since 2014.

suitable for children, WC available, wheelchair accessible
Suitable for children
Links oben: Zettel mit leuchtender Geheimtinte beschrieben. Rechts oben: Thymios – Roboter. Rechts unten: Ozobots – Roboter. Mitte: Knobelklötze. Links unten: Hexaflexagon-Motiv.
Fünf witelo Experimente: Geheimtinte, Roboter, Knobelstation und Hexaflexagon-Motiv
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