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Meet the animals in evolutionary research!

18:00 - 20:00 o'clock
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Phyletisches Museum,
Vor dem Neutor 1

Are scientists control freaks? Can the controlled lab environment represent the wild nature of great outdoors? Come to meet animals studied in the local evolutionary research and challenge yourself with questions on their (and yours) evolution!

Biologists like to breed and keep their study organisms in the lab. Do the years in captivity affect the evolution of these organisms and hence the data biologists interpret? On the other hand, there are organisms that we cannot sustain in the lab. Scientists have to collect their study organisms from the field. Do the yearly changes in their environment affect the study of these organisms?

We will start with a captivating story on how researchers face the challenges of maintaining animals in the lab vs. collecting in the wild. We will explore how this affects biological research and scientists’ lives. This will be based on the story Control Freaks of the online exhibition Life through the Looking Glass.

Then, in an interactive way, participants will have a chance to explore other stories from the virtual exhibition, depicting young scientists on their journey to unravel the invisible world by applying cutting-edge technology. The exhibition focuses on how to answer complex questions on evolution and share them outside the scientific community.

At the same time, there will be live animals we study in our everyday research work and participants will be able to observe them and see how they are kept in the lab. Their scientific thinking will be prompted by asking and answering questions on animal evolution and husbandry.

English Language
Wallpaper with illustrations of the research animals and objects involved in the virtual exhibition (jellyfish and other marine invertebrates, worms, brain, trees, cells…)
Life through the looking glass
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