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From Jena to the stars: On the way to the moon, Mars and beyond with Jena-Optronik

18:00 - 24:00 o'clock
Jena-Optronik GmbH
Otto-Eppenstein-Str. 3

The #teamspace of Jena-Optronik gives insights into its everyday life! In addition to exciting live demonstrations of our products, there will be drinks at the space bar and we will travel into space with you in the mobile planetarium.

We will show you which fascinating missions we are involved in and why a "day without space travel" is no longer possible today. You will gain an insight into how technology from Jena helps to improve our everyday lives on Earth and protect our home planet.

Be there when we take a live look into space with our star sensors and experience the real-time simulation of a docking maneuver to the ISS.

Our colleagues will also report on the collaboration with our international partners such as NASA, ESA and others.

Further variety is provided by an experiment station for young and old visitors, a space photo booth and cocktails at the "Space Bar".

Our supporting program from planetarium to cocktail bar for you.

These program items await you!

Weltraumbild vom Hubble-Teleskop
Von Jena zu den Sternen: #teamspace freut sich auf euren Besuch!
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